Academy player awards

The annual presentation of Wick Academys player awards took place after the Rothes game last Saturday, 18th March. The winners seen pictured below were:-

  • Players player of the year – Craig Shearer
  • Supporters player of the year – Martin Gunn
  • Young player of the year – Shaun Sinclair


Gunn chance for HFL select

Wick skipper Martin Gunn is one of 38 Highland League players that have been asked to attend an evaluation session, from which a Highland Football League select team will be picked to play the East of Scotland select.


The session will take place at Mosset Park Forres on Sunday the 19th of March. The Fraserburgh manager Charlie Duncan will take the session, and will be responsible for selecting the team.

The game against the East of Scotland select will take place on the 9th of April 2006. The venue for the game has yet to be agreed.

Lets all wish Martin good luck in his selection bid.

Player signings

As previously reported in the January 2006 Team & Club news, Wick Academy have signed Mark Nichol on a one year contract, and Graeme Reid has signed a 2 year extension to his contact, keeping him with the club until 2008.


Mark and Graeme are pictured signing their papers

Quiz - Old Player team photos

Here are some old team photos. See how many of the faces you can recognise, and what year the photo was taken.

Email your answers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We'll give it to Sunday the 5th February, and then we'll publish the list of names, year, and the persons name who got the most of them right.
Update: Names identified so far have now been published. Some still not yet identified, so if you know who they are get emailing in!!

Photo 1
- click photo for bigger image.

(Back – Left to Right) - Micky Lochrie, John Macdonald, Patty Miller, Alan Shearer.

(Middle – Left to Right) - Jimmy MacAdie, David Mackay, Richard Hughes, Richard Clarkson, Ian Elder, Robert Munro, Colin Chambers, Martin Gunn, Alan Bremner.

(Front – Left to Right) - Kevin Morris, Grant Campbell, Duncan Macdonald, Martin Baker, Alistair Budge, Derek Shearer, Alan Murray, Ian MacDonald.

 Photo 2 - click photo for bigger image.
  (Back - Left to Right) - Alan Bremner, Patty Miller, Jimmy MacAdie, Kevin Morris, David Mackay, Ian Elder, Robert Munro, Richard Clarkson, Richard Hughes, Martin Gunn, Peter Budge, Donald Sutherland, Duncan Macdonald, John MacDonald 
(Front - Left to Right) - Micky Lochrie, Colin Chambers, Martin Baker, Alistair Budge, Ian Macdonald, Stewart Sutherland, Derek Shearer, Alan Murray, Grant Campbell.
Photo 3 - click photo for bigger image.

(Back - Left to Right) - Robert Munro, Richard Clarkson, Kevin Morris, Colin Chambers, Richard Hughes, Donald Sutherland, Stuart Sutherland, Jimmy MacAdie, Ian Elder, Martin Gunn, David Mackay, Peter Budge, Alan Bremner 

(Front - Left to Right) - Grant Campbell, Ian Macdonald, Alistair Budge, Not Identified, Martin Baker, Derek Shearer, Alan Murray, Duncan Macdonald

Photo 4 - Click photo for bigger image.
Bonus point for the camera-man on the roof.

(Back - Left to Right) – Dodo MacLean, David Rosier, Richard Hughes, D Taylor, Ian Campbell, Andy Mackay, Andy Cormack

(Front - Left to Right) Stevie Cowie, Jocky Mackay, Gavin Andrews, Willie Wydmuch, Raymond Taylor, Eoin MacIntosh, Patty Miller, Ian Munro

New - Photo 5 - Click photo for bigger image. team5.jpg

(Back - Left to Right) - John Macdonald, David Rosie, Gordon Topping, Patty Miller, Derek MaCadie, Alan Bremner, Robbie Sutherland,  Peter George, Clair Harper

(Front - Left to Right) - Donald Eyers, Eric Larnach, David Lyall, Willy Wydmuch, Ian Munro, Grant Maxwell, Jimmy Harold, Sanders Harper


New - Photo 6 - Click photo for bigger image.

(Back - Left to Right) - Peter Budge, Derek Taylor, Alan Bremner, David Rosie, Alan Farquhar, Jimmy Bruce, Grant Maxwell

(Front - Left to Right) - Patty Miller , Grant Campbell, Ian Munro, Willy Wydmuch, Joe Wilson, Jocky Begg

Nigel Mackenzie & Gary Manson sign

Both Nigel MacKenzie and Gary Manson have signed one year extensions to their contracts, which is great news for the squad. Nigel and Gary are seen here with Academy director of football Patty Miller signing their papers.