Celebrating 125 Years

Celebrating 125 Years - Hibernian Match-Day Article

Wick Academy played Hibernian in a pre-season friendly on the 15th July. This is an extract of an article printed on the match day team-lines for that game.

James Innes sized

On behalf of Wick Academy FC I'd like to extend a warm welcome to Hibernian Football Club and all its Fans, Directors, Management, Playing Staff and Players who've all made the long journey north to help us celebrate our very special 125th anniversary today. This afternoon's match is very much down to both George Craig and Finlay Stark agreeing to take a team to Wick to mark our very special year, and to them I'd like to pay a special thanks.
The road north it has been said, is longer than the road south, but our distance from Edinburgh did not deter George and Finlay's keenness to pull out the stops and give the green light for a Hibernian FC X1 team to join us here at Harmsworth Park. As with most big decisions at Hibs I've no doubt it was run past Rod Petrie and Leeann Dempster first, not to mention Neil Lennon, so a collective thankyou to you all!
Wick Academy FC plays a huge part in our community and likewise our community is very important to everyone involved with the Club. A huge amount of work is needed to maintain its successful running and the fact it has survived and still flourishes 125 years since its founding speaks volumes of everyone over the last century and a quarter who has been involved at every level within the Club.
Our next milestone will be our 150th anniversary and given that twenty-five short years ago we didn't have the internet, smart phones or even video assistant refereeing! the mind boggles as to what life will be like in 2043 but I'm certain Wick Academy FC will continue to see and surpass it, along with many more milestone years.

Enjoy the game and a safe journey home.

C'mon e' Scorries!!

James Innes


Rod Petrie

On behalf of Hibernian Football Club I would like to congratulate Wick Academy FC as it celebrates 125 years, an historic milestone. We were honoured to be asked to provide the opposition for today's match to mark the club's 125th anniversary year. It should be a great occasion here at Harmsworth Park, the most northerly ground in the country of any club in a professional league. 
James Innes explained that he missed the Club's AGM in his efforts to entice Hibernian north for the match - little did he know that I played a match here as a schoolboy footballer more years ago than I care to remember! I am sure that the welcome for Hibernian and its supporters will be just as warm today.
Since its formation, Wick Academy FC has been embedded in its community, giving the people of the town and the county much to enjoy and talk about and to pass on their passion for the club from generation to generation.
The support that the club receives week in and week out exemplifies the deep-rooted love that there is for the game of football in our nation. From Stranraer to Wick, people from all walks of life turn out every week to back their local team, no matter the weather, the form, or where they find themselves in the football pyramid.   
Scotland tops all the nations across Europe with the highest per capita attendance at league matches. This commitment by supporters should be respected and is an important part of our game.
The Hibernian players today will wish to give a good account of themselves given the prestige of the occasion and the opportunity to impress not only the home support, but also the visiting Hibernian fans and coaching staff as we continue our preparations for the league season ahead.
I am sure that everyone is hoping for an exciting and entertaining match, but no matter the outcome, it will be a great way to celebrate the first 125 years. Good luck for the forthcoming season - and best wishes for the next 125 years!

Rod Petrie