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Wick Academy Charity Challenge Update

Many thanks to everyone that donated to the Wick Academy Charity Challenge. A fantastic total of £1,160 has been raised. The money will be divided equally between the club and its chosen charity, Caithness Rural Transport.

The boys now have a target of 1,160 km to cover over this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The players and management can run, cycle or walk in their own time with the aim of reaching the target by Sunday night. Everything will be logged on a Strava app which will enable progress to be tracked as the hours go by.

Gary Manson said: “I’ve spoken to all the boys and they’re looking forward to the challenge.”

He says he is pleased to be supporting an organisation that provides an important county-wide service.

“We are quite a Caithness-wide squad, covering nearly every corner of the county,” Manson pointed out. “Caithness Rural Transport does a great job for the el­derly and disabled so I think it’s a very worthwhile cause.”

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